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No one would spill the juice on the surfaces intentionally. If by chance there was a spill then you must check out for the best solutions. If fruit juice falls on the carpet then there should be some solutions that you should get ahead with. Here are the best 5 homemade carpet cleaning tricks that you need to check when it comes to removing the fruit juice from the carpet.

Blot The Juice And Then Remove The Stain Marks

When a considerable quantity of juice falls on the carpets, you will have to first blot the area. This will ensure that the juice can be removed soon. After that, the stains will remain on the carpet and hence you need to remove the stain marks. For that, you can use a liquid detergent and solve the problem.

Use Vinegar And Warm Water To Remove Fruit Juice And Stains

There’s one more remedy that you can use as homemade carpet cleaning tricks and these include things like making use of warm water and vinegar. This combination will help you in keeping things perfect in every way. Take some warm water and then pour vinegar drops into it. Now use this solution to remove fruit juice stains from the affected area. If needed, then you can use an excess of fruit juice with the help of blotting.

Use Baking Soda Paste To The Removal Of Fruit Juice Stains

You must use baking soda paste to remove fruit juice stains. This will work as a brilliant and useful way to do homemade carpet cleaning tricks. This paste should be gently removed with the sponge and hence you need to work on the basic things.

Rinse The Affected Area Of The Carpet With Soap And Water

You can do spot cleaning as in, you can clean the area that is affected. If the fruit juice falls on the carpet then sooner or later there will be hard stains. But you should take immediate steps so that the juice does not go deep down. If it goes deep then the carpet padding will be affected badly.

Use Cotton Clothes To Blot The Extra Juice And Warm Water Too

If there is a spill on the carpet then blotting will be an important thing that you should go about. Another thing is, that you should then check how the damage is. If there are too many stains and wetness then you can use merely warm water to clean the area. Let it dry for a while. If after a while there are still some stains that have become dry then you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the stains.


Plan out some really good homemade carpet cleaning tricks and see how this will give you the basic Carpet Sanitization. There are ways and means to get rid of spills and stains. You can rely on the above homemade solutions and see how you can make your life easy.